I'm playing Tantei Jinguji Saburo

It is a famicom game.

I dont really know the Japan except for the kana.

But I'm determined to play through this game. I have a notebook and a lot of tabs open.

Tantei Jinguji Sanburo - Toki No Sugiyuku Mama Ni

Here at Central Park, Shinjuku

One of the places I love in this city

It was out of the office, but I had to come so far to buy cigarettes

...It's so hot.

The midsummer sun is shining down on me

[Alright, so this looks to be one of the main command prompts in the game, so I'm translating it once and leaving it on hand for me down the line]

いどう: Move

ものしらべる : Examine Things

まわりみる : Look Around

タバコすう : Smoke Cigarette

そうさやめる : Quit